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Weighing In – How Do You Put Wall Street Banks in Jail?

Wall Street banks don’t go to jail. People go to jail. Since you can’t put a bank in jail the regulatory agencies let them pay […]

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5 Things You Do Not Know About Financial Advisors

Investors should hold their financial advisors in high esteem, the same way people hold their doctors in high esteem. One is responsible for financial well-being, […]

Should I Trust My Bank?

In light of JP Morgan’s $2 Billion blunder this is a very crucial question we all should be asking ourselves. If a bank can’t even manage its own finances, what makes you think they can manage your finances?

This isn’t the Wild West. This is an institution that takes customer deposits that are explicitly insured by U.S. taxpayers and is suppose to operate conservatively lest it suffers a major “blow up.” […]

Wall Street Executives Circle the Wagons

Wall Street executives come to the rescue of Goldman Sachs’ reputation. Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman and JPMorgan Chase & Co. CEO Jamie Dimon warned […]

Are Investors Powerless to Change Wall Street?

This is a great question that has no easy answer.

We know investors need the services that are provided by the financial services industry. We also […]

Investors Have Short-Term Memories

Wall Street is counting on the short-term memories of millions of investors who need their services so it can return to business as usual.

Two times […]