Weighing In – Who Protects You From Bad Financial Advisors?

Most investors believe their financial advisors are competent and ethical. Otherwise, they would terminate the relationships. The same investors also believe they are protected by […]

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Does Your Financial Advisor Owe You Money? – Standards of Care

Determining whether your financial advisor owes you money is a two step process. The first step is to determine what standard of care your advisor […]

Is Your Stockbroker Responsible for Investment Losses?

After accounting for investment losses, accountants can provide clients additional value by suggesting they investigate whether such losses are recoverable by reason of stockbroker misconduct. […]

Question “Authority” to Avoid Investment Scams

Cognitive biases are beliefs that people form over their lifetime. These biases often impact our decisions. One such cognitive bias is known as the “authority” bias, where people tend to accept whatever a perceived authority figure says without question. […]

The Wolf on Wall Street is not Extinct

There are three simple rules you should follow when you are solicited over the phone by a financial advisor. First, do not start a conversation. Second, you should immediately hang-up. And third, contact the Do Not Call Registry.

High quality financial advisors do not make unsolicited phone calls. Only aggressive salesmen, who are usually young and inexperienced, make cold calls. They are predators who are trained to prey on nice people. […]

Investment Advice Versus Investment Recommendations

Wall Street is a marketing powerhouse. It knows how to manipulate investors for its own benefit. No matter how smart and sophisticated you think you […]