What Dad Never Told You About Financial Advisors

You have a financial advisor who influences or controls your planning and investment decisions. Your financial future depends on the quality of the advice and […]

Obama is Only Half Right – $17 Billion is the Tip of the Iceberg for Investors

When Obama recently spoke before the AARP he called for higher standards on stockbrokers who provide investment advice and services for retirement assets. His comments […]

Geeks Can Change Wall Street

Geeks, aka high earning millennials, have the potential to change the way Wall Street conducts business. This may actually happen if they are not willing […]

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Financial Advisors 5 Damaging Secrets

What you don’t know about your financial advisor can destroy your dreams of a comfortable, secure retirement.  Secrets are the information that Wall Street does […]

I Spy on My Financial Advisor

Very few investors conduct meaningful research when they select a financial advisor. They let the advisor turn selection into a sales process that is controlled […]

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Financial Advisor Compensation Can Wreck Your Retirement

Very few investors are aware of the critical importance of their financial advisor’s method of compensation. They select the financial advisor they like the best […]