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Why Robo Investing Is Not Competency of Investment Advice

Well the financial e-zines did it again. The Daily Wire featured SigFig saying its algorithms: “Will spotlight advisor “mistakes,” including the use of funds costing […]

Why Select a Local Financial Advisor?

You have heard of Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. They spend hundreds of millions of dollars per year creating brand name awareness. Why spend all […]

Investor Personalities: Which one are you?

For some, money is an emotional subject which they treat far differently than other important elements in their lives. For a variety of reasons, they are just not about to seek out a professional to help them meet their goals. I have never taken a psychology course, so I admit I am way out of my depth here. But I have watched investors for a long time, discussing their sometimes curious behavior with my peers, which has allowed me to make some non-scientific and intuitive observations on investor behavior.

The Control Freak

A few individuals realize how important their investments are to their future but simply can’t give up control of their finances. Either they have trouble delegating things in general, or money is such a personal, powerful, and emotional part of their existence that they reserve that activity for themselves alone. […]

What is a Financial Fiduciary?

According to the dictionary a fiduciary is a person who holds a position of trust. In the financial services industry a fiduciary is a professional […]

Wall Street’s Breakaway Brokers

Increasing numbers of advisors are leaving the big Wall Street firms and going independent.

Going independent means they start their own Registered Investment Advisory firms (RIA). […]

Why Would a 33 Year Veteran Leave Merrill Lynch?

That is exactly what John Beirne, who manages $2 billion of assets, did when he left Merrill Lynch last month to start his own Registered […]