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A Ridiculous Loyalty to American’s Mutual Funds

Well folks it appears the time to punctuate this ridiculous market with even more ridiculous active manager stories is upon us. In an Investment News […]

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401(k) Investment Fees: One Fund, Six Fees?

401(k) investment fees continue to be a key concern, both in terms of fiduciary liability and impact on plan participants. What some are overlooking is […]

Retirement Plan Fees Don’t Smell Sweet

Who knew that Shakespeare had a lesson for retirement plan participants when he wrote: “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by […]

Question “Authority” to Avoid Investment Scams

Cognitive biases are beliefs that people form over their lifetime. These biases often impact our decisions. One such cognitive bias is known as the “authority” bias, where people tend to accept whatever a perceived authority figure says without question. […]

Model Portfolios Are Not Real Investment Performance

This article describes one of the more frequent ways financial advisors manipulate track records that are supposed to document their investment performance.

Financial advisors know you want to see a track record that documents past investment performance. This is the easiest way for you to measure the competence of a new advisor. It is also a very risky way. Most financial advisors do not have track records because their services vary by client. Some advisors, one or two percent, have legitimate track records. Then there are advisors who market fake track records. […]