Variable Annuities: All Downside, No Upside

I’ve heard variable annuities (VA’s) pitched as “safe” alternatives to investing in the stock market and as a safe way to get market like returns […]

What is Full Transparency for Financial Advisors?

Financial advisors and financial planners practice full transparency when they provide investors with accurate information that describes their credentials, ethics, business practices, compensation, performance, and […]

Budget…Not a Torture Technique!

Do you have a budget? For many people, the word “budget” evokes feelings similar to the word “diet.” Sure, it sounds like a worthy goal, […]

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Cash: A Love/Hate Relationship

Many of us have a “love/hate” relationship with cash. Cash in savings accounts, money markets, and CDs is earning next to nothing these days. This […]

Money = Votes

You should know by now that?the number one priority of politicians is to win re-election. It is not to represent?your interests or the country’s interest. […]