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What are Legal Investment Scams?

Everyone has read about illegal Ponzi schemes and Wall Street’s fraudulent investment scams that have resulted in major fines to companies.

What you don’t read about […]

U.S to Lose Triple A Rating?

It seems that news sources have been inundating us with the opinions of economists that have stated if the Bush tax cuts are not maintained […]

Beware of Gold Scams

As the prospect of future inflation raises its ugly head, some investors may be turning to precious metals as a way to protect the purchasing […]

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Stanford CFO Pleads Guilty

As follow-up to a previous blog post James Davis, the former Chief Financial Officer at Stanford Financial Group, pleaded guilty to investment fraud and obstruction […]

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Fluke? Credit crisis was a heist!

Author Jim Jubak writes: “Thanks to a complicit Congress, the reins were systematically loosened on the looters of the financial industry. And they’re still at […]

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Government Seeking $170.8 Billion in Forfeiture from Madoff

In addition to the estimated $50 billion swindled from investors, it looks like the Government is also seeking to collect damages from Madoff Industries to […]