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Financial Advisors 5 Damaging Secrets

What you don’t know about your financial advisor can destroy your dreams of a comfortable, secure retirement.  Secrets are the information that Wall Street does […]

How to Use the Internet to Research Financial Advisors

If you are like most investors, you are beginning to realize the amount of power you have at your fingertips when you use the Internet […]

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I Spy on My Financial Advisor

Very few investors conduct meaningful research when they select a financial advisor. They let the advisor turn selection into a sales process that is controlled […]

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Should You Trust Wall Street Stock Brokers?

Do you trust car salesmen and life insurance agents? 91% of Americans say they do not. They use aggressive sales tactics to sell their products. […]

Do You Believe Your Current Financial Advisor Always Tells the Truth?

There is a large number of investors who believe anything their advisors tell them because they have personal relationships. They like their advisors and they inherently trust people they like. And, investors do not question the advice of people they trust. This is a license to steal for unscrupulous advisors who take advantage of investors who trust them to maximize their own incomes.

It is unfortunate, but a lot of investors have trouble believing people they like will take advantage of them to make more money. Ask yourself this question. Do you really believe your current advisor would voluntarily provide information that would get him fired – for example, bad performance, high expenses, excessive risk, or conflicts of interest? The answer is absolutely not! His income would stop and you might file a complaint with one of the regulatory agencies. If the abuse was bad enough, it could cost the advisor his job. It is much safer and rewarding for the advisor to withhold this information from you.  […]

Bad Financial Advice Is Pervasive and Legal – upd Jan 2016

Financial advice is supposed to be suitable if your provider is a stockbroker and in your best interests if your advisor is an Investment Advisor […]