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Why Investors Aren’t Getting What They Pay For (Infographic)

In his popular book, What Investors Really Want, Professor Meir Statman explains that investors want to play the investment game, and they want to win. […]

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Is Selling Away the same as an After Christmas Sale?

No.  But since I have your attention, “selling away” is one of the most pernicious and dangerous investment scams in the brokerage industry.  It is outlawed by FINRA and all state security regulators, yet it persists. […]

5 Reasons Why Sales Pitches From An Advisor Are Dangerous

You are interviewing an investment advisor who can help you achieve your financial goals – in particular, retirement goals that will determine when you retire and your standard of living during retirement. What could be more important than that? You really like an advisor’s personality and communication skills. He understands your needs and says what you want to hear when you select an advisor.

How do you know this advisor is not a skilled sales person who knows how to develop relationships and develop trust so people buy what he is selling? You don’t know and you may not know for several years when you have the benefit of 20/20 hindsight. By then it is always too late. The advisor has earned thousands of dollars of income from your assets and you have a lot less money than you should have.

How real is the problem? More than 50% of investors terminate new advisors within three years when expectations do not match what they were sold. Following are five tips that will reduce your risk of selecting the wrong advisor.  […]

Are Mutual Funds Eroding Your Wealth?

You may not realize this, but if you own mutual funds in your portfolio then you may be paying substantial fees to each mutual fund […]

Full Transparency Scares Wall Street Executives

What is full transparency when you buy investment advice, recommendations, and products?

Transparency occurs when investors are provided an easy-to-read document that contains all of the […]

Do I Have a “Real” Financial Advisor?

A Watchdog visitor questioned whether the person providing him with financial advice was a real advisor. He thought the person was an advisor, however a […]