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What Dad Never Told You About Financial Advisors

You have a financial advisor who influences or controls your planning and investment decisions. Your financial future depends on the quality of the advice and […]

Is Your Financial Advisor a Fiduciary?

Fiduciary status is a controversial issue in the financial services industry. The issue is the ethical standards that apply to your relationship with your financial […]

Financial Advisor Compensation Can Wreck Your Retirement

Very few investors are aware of the critical importance of their financial advisor’s method of compensation. They select the financial advisor they like the best […]

Wall Street’s 5 Most Deceptive Sales Practices

You have seen the headlines. Wall Street firms have paid billions of dollars of fines for cheating or defrauding investors. You may have disregarded the […]

Who Are the Real Financial Advisors?

Stockbrokers, who sell investment products for commissions, tell investors they are financial advisors because it reduces sales resistance and improves their odds of making sales. They are breaking an industry regulation when they call themselves advisors, but the claim is verbal in a sales pitch. Investors have no record of what was said to them so the sales reps get away with it.

It is easy to recognize stockbrokers and other types of sales reps. They have two distinguishing characteristics that are difficult to hide. You just have to know the right questions to ask. First, “What licenses and registrations do you hold?” And second, “How are you compensated for your advice and services?” The advisor is a sales rep if the answer to the first question is a Series 6 or 7 license and the answer to the second question is commissions. […]

Who Are the Independent Financial Advisors?

There are actually two questions in the heading of this blog post. Who are the financial advisors and what does it mean to be independent?

Just about everyone who sells financial advice, services, and products refers to themselves as advisors. However, from a licensing and registration point of view advisors have some very specific characteristics that distinguish them from other types of professionals.

A financial advisor is registered one of two ways. They may be Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), which means they own their own firms. Or, they are Investment Advisor Representatives (IARs), which means they are registered with an RIA. This is a critical distinction because only RIAs and IARs are permitted to provide financial advice and ongoing services for fees. So if you believe, the way I do, that fees are the appropriate way to pay for financial advice, then you should select an RIA or an IAR. […]