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Watchdog’s Financial Advisor Finder is a Hit with Investors!

Finding a financial advisor is easy. That’s because they find you. The problem is, the advisors who market this way are usually sales representatives (reps). If you are like most investors, you do not want sales reps telling you how to plan your future and invest your assets.

Finding higher quality advisors can still be easy. You just need a process that puts you in control of your choices. You determine whom you talk to, not advisors who purchased your name, email address, and telephone number from a direct mail house.

One solution is the “Find Advisors” service that resides on the Investor Watchdog ( website. You choose the search method that works best for you. One popular method is to input your zip code and view listings for advisors in your community. A more advanced search method is to tell the system the types of financial services you need and the distance you are willing to travel to meet a prospective advisor. You also choose the method of initial contact, telephone or email. […]

How do Investors Tell the Difference Between Good and Bad Advisors?

The immediate answer is you can’t, just like you can’t predict the future performance of the stock market. You invest in the market because you hope it goes up in value. However, you know the market is volatile and unpredictable so you diversify your investments to reduce your risk of large losses. The point is you don’t know short-term direction, but you hope the longer-term direction is up. […]

Some Version of the Truth!

In the romantic comedy, Something’s Gotta Give, Jack Nicholson said to Diane Keaton, “I have always told you some version of the truth”. I believe […]

Can Investors See Through Clever Advertising by Money Managers?

The big money management firms seem to be getting bigger so I don’t think so.

The big firms have two major advantages that they exploit with […]