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What Your Financial Advisor Should Be Doing For You

The age of consumerism has passed over the financial services industry.  This means average investors who buy mutual funds, insurance policies, annuities and other types […]

Our Cowardly and Impersonal Financial Services Industry

FA Magazine published an article by Robert Isbitts on August 20, 2014 entitled: When History and Asset Allocation Collide. This article caused a collision between […]

Do You Believe Financial Advisors Always Tell the Truth When They Sell Investment Products?

If your answer is yes, you may be in serious financial trouble and not know it. Read on if your answer is no. You are about to learn some nasty tricks of the trade that have been engineered by Wall Street.

A high percentage of investors believe financial advisors have to tell the truth because they work in a regulated industry. It’s true, they are supposed to tell the truth, but there is no way the regulatory agencies (FINRA, SEC, State Securities and Insurance Commissioners) can protect you from unscrupulous advisors. […]

Investors Have Rights To Any Information That May Impact The Achievement Of Their Financial Goals

In a recent Investor Watchdog survey we uncovered an investor belief that could badly damage their financial interests. Investors did not believe they had a […]

5 Reasons You Want an Advisor Who is an Acknowledged Financial Fiduciary

Wall Street does not want you to know there are two primary types of people who sell financial advice and services. One is a sales representative (rep) who is limited to selling investment products for commissions. The other is an advisor who provides financial advice and ongoing services for fees. Wall Street knows you do not want sales reps handling your assets, so it does everything it can to obscure the key differences between reps and advisors.

You can avoid many of Wall Street’s shadiest business practices if you select a professional who is a financial fiduciary. Following are five reasons why this is true. […]