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5 Sales Tactics Used by Financial Advisors to Hide Their Shortcomings

Financial advisors have to control or influence the investment of your assets to make money. And, the unfortunate truth is, very few advisors can afford […]

5 Numbers for Investor Protection

Every investor should be proactive in protecting their financial security. Many would argue that organizations such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the […]

Navigating Bad Advice from Your Financial Advisor

It is absolutely, positively nuts, but investors let their financial advisor dominate the relationship and decisions that will determine when they retire, their standard of […]

Your Pension Assets Have a Competitor! It’s Wall Street!

I often wonder why millions of boomers have not figured this out. They spend 30 or 40 years saving trillions of dollars of pension assets in their retirement accounts. Then they turn the assets over to Wall Street professionals who are supposed to increase their pension amounts with sage advice and sophisticated investment services.

The role of pension assets is to produce income during retirements that may last 30 or more years. That’s right, a lot of boomers will spend as many years in retirement as they did working. That’s the good news. The bad news is rising longevity means investors will have to generate higher investment performance to offset the erosive impact of expenses and inflation for a lot longer than they may have thought. Or, they may face their biggest nightmare, inadequate assets late in life when they need it the most.   […]

The Accidental Solution to the Retirement Problem

The greatest thing about defined-benefit plans was that workers didn’t have to do anything other than show up for work to get the desired result: a guaranteed income for life. It was a good system in that most workers didn’t want responsibility or control, just a secure retirement.

The defined-benefit plan is gone, and it’s not coming back. It’s been replaced by the 401(k), an accidental solution to the retirement problem. As a replacement, it’s been a dismal failure. The worker is still just looking for a secure retirement with little to no input required. Unfortunately, very few workers are on track to get that these days. […]

Employers: It’s Time to Get Serious about Your Fiduciary Obligations

The employer’s obligation for the pension plan doesn’t end when they write the check. It begins.

Without any thought or planning the 401(k) has become America’s pension plan. The days of guaranteed retirement income for life are long gone, and along with them the financial security that the traditional pensions plan provided.

The 401(k) solution is deeply flawed. The widespread failure of 401(k) plans to provide adequate retirement income security for American workers has caught the attention of the courts, regulators, the administration, Congress, academics and participants. […]