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5 Things You Do Not Know About Financial Advisors

Investors should hold their financial advisors in high esteem, the same way people hold their doctors in high esteem. One is responsible for financial well-being, […]

What Dad Never Told You About Financial Advisors

You have a financial advisor who influences or controls your planning and investment decisions. Your financial future depends on the quality of the advice and […]

Why is a Bogus Financial Planner so Difficult to Identify?- updated Oct-14

You need to know there are real financial planners and there are bogus financial planners. The fake planners use the title to reduce sales resistance […]

Select a Financial Planner or a Financial Advisor? – Updated May 2014

Financial planning and investment advising are two separate services with two distinct skill sets. There is some overlap because your financial plan includes the investment […]

CFPB Wants Increased Scrutiny for Financial Advisor Designations

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau called for the SEC or Congress to establish new rules that require financial advisors to provide full transparency for their designations. It says the alphabet soup that is used by many advisors is confusing to investors, in particular seniors.

The CFPB also suggested the SEC create a database that investors can use to quickly and easily verify the quality of designations. There is a tool on the FINRA website, but it contains incomplete information and does not provide an easy way to compare designations to each other.

Check a Credential

This database already exists. It is called Check a Credential and it is a free, no-registration-required service on the Paladin Advisor Research website ( This service provides one-page reports for more than 200 designations and a peer group quality rating so it is easy for consumers to compare designations to each other.

What if investors can’t find the designation on Paladin’s website? They can submit it to Paladin analysts who will research the credential and produce a report and quality rating in five business days. This free service is one-way Paladin continues to expand its database to include more obscure financial advisor designations. […]

Attention Investors: One Page Stops The Most Deceptive Sales Practice On Wall Street!

There is a one-page document that would stop Wall Street’s most deceptive sales practice in its tracks. Investors should ask for this document every time they select a new financial advisor. However, most investors don’t know what they don’t know. In this case they don’t know they can require the one-page document from advisors who want to control the investment of their assets.

What is Wall Street’s most deceptive sales practice? 75% of all so-called advisors are really sales representatives who are paid commissions to sell investment products. However, they are not required to disclose this fact to investors. They claim to be financial planners, financial consultants, and even financial advisors to camouflage their actual role of sales rep. Why hide this role? Investors do not want sales reps investing their assets. Consequently, there would be increased sales resistance if they knew the truth.  […]