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The Great American Financial Plan Scam

Articles and advertisements often tout the merits of financial plans. From the viewpoints of a financial advisor, they are an easy $500 or more. From […]

Why is a Bogus Financial Planner so Difficult to Identify?- updated Oct-14

You need to know there are real financial planners and there are bogus financial planners. The fake planners use the title to reduce sales resistance […]

Select a Financial Planner or a Financial Advisor? – Updated May 2014

Financial planning and investment advising are two separate services with two distinct skill sets. There is some overlap because your financial plan includes the investment […]

Seven Layers of Investment Fees

Would you believe there are seven layers of investment fees that can be deducted from your investment accounts? It would be rare to pay all seven, but four or five are fairly common. The more you know about investment fees the less likely excessive expenses will impact you.

Every dollar of investment fees is one less dollar you have for reinvestment and your future use. Long-term goals, like secure retirements, can be severely impacted by excessive expenses.  […]