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How a Financial Advisor Warning Label Could Protect You

Your physical health is more important than your financial health. However, financial health is a close second. Financially secure people live happier, healthier, longer lives.

Two […]

Big Tobacco and Wall Street Use the Same Strategy

50 years ago Congress finally heard testimony that proved smoking killed  hundreds of thousands of Americans per year and caused untold billions of dollars of health-related illnesses. […]

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What is Investment Performance and how does it Impact Your Financial Health?

You know what the words investment performance mean, but do you know there are several types of investment performance that have varying levels of impact on your financial health?

Investment performance is the fastest way to achieve optimum financial health. For example, you earn $100,000 per year and you have a 10% savings rate ($10,000). Plus, you have accumulated $500,000 of retirement assets and your investment performance is 10% ($50,000). In this example, your investment performance had five times more impact than savings. Financial health occurs when your savings plus investment performance produces the assets you need to live the way you want to for the rest of your life with no compromises. […]