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Is Your Financial Advisor a Fiduciary?

Fiduciary status is a controversial issue in the financial services industry. The issue is the ethical standards that apply to your relationship with your financial […]

Avoid Wall Street Corruption by Taking Charge!

Wall Street firms are notorious for the greed and corruption that almost destroyed the U.S. economy, put millions of Americans out of work, and cost […]

Bad Financial Advice Is Pervasive and Legal – upd Jan 2016

Financial advice is supposed to be suitable if your provider is a stockbroker and in your best interests if your advisor is an Investment Advisor […]

5 Reasons You Want an Advisor Who is an Acknowledged Financial Fiduciary

Wall Street does not want you to know there are two primary types of people who sell financial advice and services. One is a sales representative (rep) who is limited to selling investment products for commissions. The other is an advisor who provides financial advice and ongoing services for fees. Wall Street knows you do not want sales reps handling your assets, so it does everything it can to obscure the key differences between reps and advisors.

You can avoid many of Wall Street’s shadiest business practices if you select a professional who is a financial fiduciary. Following are five reasons why this is true. […]

How Does a Fiduciary Standard Protect You?

Fiduciaries are advisors who hold registrations that permit them to provide financial advice and services for fees.

There is no guarantee you will receive competent financial […]

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What is a Financial Fiduciary?

According to the dictionary a fiduciary is a person who holds a position of trust. In the financial services industry a fiduciary is a professional […]