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What Seniors Need to Know about Financial Advisors and Ethical Standards

Very few investors know there are two ethical standards for financial advisors. One is a fiduciary standard that requires advisors to always do what is […]

Is Your Financial Advisor a Fiduciary?

Fiduciary status is a controversial issue in the financial services industry. The issue is the ethical standards that apply to your relationship with your financial […]

What are the Two Ethical Standards for Financial Advisors?

Based on Investor Watchdog research, people are very dependent on the ethics of financial planners, financial advisors, and money managers. They “hope” these professionals provide ethical advice that helps them achieve their financial goals. This “hope” has a major adversary. Wall Street firms want to minimize the ethical standards that apply to the legions of sales representatives (reps) that sell their products.

Investors have a tough time measuring advisors’ competence and trustworthiness because they do not have track records or mandatory disclosure requirements. Wall Street likes it this way. In fact, financial service firms spend millions of dollars per year on lobbyists who minimize industry standards for the ethical treatment of investors. […]

Why Does Wall Street Fight Fiduciary Standards?

Advisors and firms want to be held to low ethical standards to reduce their liability for their quality of their advice and services.

It is much […]

Why Do Financial Advisors Want Investors to Like Them?

The financial service industry figured out investors trust people they like. Once trust is established advisors can sell the products that make them and their […]

The Investment Advice Scam

Investors have been confused for decades about the roles of investment sales representatives and financial advisors.  That is because both types of professionals sound a […]