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Stockbrokers Disclosure Proposed Rule Pulled

FINRA has withdrawn a controversial proposed rule that would have forced stockbrokers to tell their clients why they decided to work at a given brokerage […]

Confidentiality Clause: A Settling Condition in Securities Arbitration

Confidentiality clauses in securities arbitration settlement agreements are normally requested by brokerage houses and agreed to by claimants as a condition of settlement of a securities arbitration dispute.  Claimants are prohibited from disclosing anything regarding the settlement, particularly the facts underlying the arbitration and the amount of money being paid. […]

Avoiding Advisor Risk

Market Risk and Behavior Risk are well known and frequently discussed. But, there is another type of risk that is often overlooked; The Advisor Risk.

Investors that recognize that they don’t have the time, knowledge or inclination to deal with market risk, and/or the discipline to deal with their own behavior risk may seek advice, and unwittingly run into a third level of risk: The risk that their advisors are either not working in their best interest and/or are incompetent. This third risk is little discussed or appreciated. But, advisor risk is not trivial. Countless investors that delegated their investment decisions to so-called professionals have been devastated during the recent bear market. […]