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A Ridiculous Loyalty to American’s Mutual Funds

Well folks it appears the time to punctuate this ridiculous market with even more ridiculous active manager stories is upon us. In an Investment News […]

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Our Cowardly and Impersonal Financial Services Industry

FA Magazine published an article by Robert Isbitts on August 20, 2014 entitled: When History and Asset Allocation Collide. This article caused a collision between […]

Is there Recourse for Investors for bad Investment Advice?

I recently interviewed Dale Ledbetter, managing partner at the law firm of Ledbetter & Associates, about legal issues that impact investors who rely on Wall […]

Bad Investments – Running Out of Time to Recover Losses

The stock market has a long history of volatility that can send wild speculators to yacht dealerships and conservative retirees back to the workforce. The […]

Wake Up Your Congressman to Wall Street Abuse

Board members of the Public Investor’s Arbitration Bar Association (PIABA)  are going to Washington in early March to meet with a number of Congressional representatives. The purpose of the trip is to call to the legislator’s attention the systematic abuse investors are subjected to by Wall Street firms. Recent statistics show that investors bringing arbitration claims against broker dealers win approximately 40% of the time and when they do “win”, they receive approximately 37% of the losses they were seeking. These are outrageous statistics that speak to a pattern of corruption and deceit. […]

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Is a 100 year old Widow a Sophisticated Investor?

In the hundreds of cases we have handled for abused investors the one constant in virtually every case is the defense that our client is a “sophisticated investor.” The specifics become comical, ludicrous and infuriating. In one case, our client was 100 years old when her portfolio was loaded up with highly risky “alternative investments” that became worthless. The defense was that she had 40 years of investment experience at the time she was sold the product and that her earlier holdings in diversified mutual funds qualified her as a “sophisticated investor.” […]

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