Update to Accredited Investor Definition Coming

The Securities and Exchange Commission recently met to discuss and hash out whether it should revise the standards that define an “accredited investor”.  Broker dealers […]

Charles Schwab – The Robo-Broker

Charles Schwab is about to roll out a new service, the robo-broker,  they hope will be a small step towards the future of financial advising.  The […]

Why You’re Always Screwed

When you hear a commercial about precious metals and the advertiser claims they will beat any price at any time, and they are advertising on […]

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What to Ask When a Stock Broker Changes Firms

When a stock broker or financial advisor moves from one firm to another, their clients will usually follow them.  However, the clients will often have […]

Has Your Broker Ever Suggested Index Funds to You? Updated Sept 2014

If you are in the vast majority the answer is “No.” The simple reason for that lack of action is simple. Index funds do not […]

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What is the Time Limitation on Investment Loss claims?

FINRA arbitration provides an efficient and cost-effective way for investors to resolve their claims. Discovery is streamlined, and dispositive motions such as motions to dismiss […]