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The Great American Financial Plan Scam

Articles and advertisements often tout the merits of financial plans. From the viewpoints of a financial advisor, they are an easy $500 or more. From […]

Why You’re Always Screwed

When you hear a commercial about precious metals and the advertiser claims they will beat any price at any time, and they are advertising on […]

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What Does Your Investment Policy Statement (IPS) Do For You?

What is an Investment Policy Statement (IPS), and why is it important to anyone working with an investment manager? After reviewing our client surveys from […]

Investment Track Records! Real or Fake?

Financial advisors provide track records that are supposed to document the past performance of their current clients. They know investors are prone to selecting advisors with the best track records, but what if the track records aren’t real? Bernie Madoff marketed a fake record. Investors are in big trouble if they select advisors who manufacture track records to gain control of their assets. […]