Does Your 401k Plan Owe You Money?

Short answer – probably.

Fred Reish, one of the nation’s most respected ERISA attorneys, has publicly testified that few 401k /404c plans are in full compliance […]

Why You’re Always Screwed

When you hear a commercial about precious metals and the advertiser claims they will beat any price at any time, and they are advertising on […]

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401(k) Investment Fees: One Fund, Six Fees?

401(k) investment fees continue to be a key concern, both in terms of fiduciary liability and impact on plan participants. What some are overlooking is […]

Fixing ERISA to Provide Sufficient Information

In my previous post, Fixing ERISA to Protect Against High Plan Fees, I discussed the failure of many 401(k)/404(c) plans to comply with ERISA’s fiduciary requirement to […]

Retirement Plan Fees Don’t Smell Sweet

Who knew that Shakespeare had a lesson for retirement plan participants when he wrote: “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by […]

Most Fiduciaries using Target Date Funds are inviting Lawsuits

At $1 trillion and growing, target date funds are the most popular qualified default investment alternative (QDIA) in 401(k) plans, yet most fiduciaries are not […]

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