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Weighing In – 401(k) Fees, Wall Street and the Supreme Court

Americans who are saving for retirement in company-sponsored 401(k) plans have paid billions of dollars of excess expenses to Wall Street investment firms.

There are layers […]

Employers: It’s Time to Get Serious about Your Fiduciary Obligations

The employer’s obligation for the pension plan doesn’t end when they write the check. It begins.

Without any thought or planning the 401(k) has become America’s pension plan. The days of guaranteed retirement income for life are long gone, and along with them the financial security that the traditional pensions plan provided.

The 401(k) solution is deeply flawed. The widespread failure of 401(k) plans to provide adequate retirement income security for American workers has caught the attention of the courts, regulators, the administration, Congress, academics and participants. […]

Thank You Wall Street!

You can’t blame Wall Street for the low retirement savings rates of most Americans.

You can blame Wall Street for the bubbles, scams, and fraudulent activities […]

How Will I Fund My Retirement?

According to the Wall Street Journal, some companies are raiding their pension plans. This may create a hidden risk for you. Read the article titled […]