What is the Time Limitation on Investment Loss claims?

FINRA arbitration provides an efficient and cost-effective way for investors to resolve their claims. Discovery is streamlined, and dispositive motions such as motions to dismiss […]

Bad Investments – Running Out of Time to Recover Losses

The stock market has a long history of volatility that can send wild speculators to yacht dealerships and conservative retirees back to the workforce. The […]

Americas Aristocrats and the Robber Barrons of Wall Street

An aristocrat is a member of a privileged ruling class. America’s aristocrats are the 535 Congressmen who rule this country. This privileged few make the […]

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FINRA’S Suitability Rule and Unintended Consequences

The history of securities arbitration, a creation of the brokerage industry, is also a story of unintended consequences.  One of those unintended consequences is known […]

The Battle for a Fair Arbitration System for Investors

There is a growing drumbeat from officials and members of the public demanding an alternative to the biased system of mandatory arbitration administered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). The battle for some semblance of justice for investors is not new, however.  […]

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FINRA Arbitration a Kangaroo Court

A divorcee in her 70’s, I’ll refer to as Helen, who lost $1 million, filed a FINRA arbitration claim as called for by the account opening document the broker dealer required her to sign.  After all of the usual discovery and other procedural happenings, and after settlement discussions broke down, the matter proceeded to a hearing. […]

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