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Geeks Can Change Wall Street

Geeks, aka high earning millennials, have the potential to change the way Wall Street conducts business. This may actually happen if they are not willing […]

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Weighing In – This Wall Street Tactic Impacts You

The mafia would love this arrangement. It gets to rob you and if it is caught your only recourse is a court that is controlled […]

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Wall Street Bank Fraud – The American Way

According to Alayne Fleischmann, a former JPMorgan Chase employee, America’s biggest bank is doing just that and no one seems to care. She is fighting […]

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Our Cowardly and Impersonal Financial Services Industry

FA Magazine published an article by Robert Isbitts on August 20, 2014 entitled: When History and Asset Allocation Collide. This article caused a collision between […]

Tune into High-Frequency Stock Trading

Thanks to the success of Michael Lewis’ latest hit book, Flash Boys, high-frequency stock trading has almost become an illicit phrase in the lexicon of […]

High Frequency Trading: Luddites, Regulators and Antiquated Factories

Luddites don’t like high frequency trading.  Luddites were  textile workers who protested against newly developed labor-saving machinery in the early 19th century so the term […]

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