Is Investing in Bonds a Safe Investment?

The assumption that bonds are a uniformly “safe” investment is not always true.  Some bonds are unrated and must be evaluated by your financial advisor […]

Beware of Equity-Indexed Annuities

In its January 2014 posting of disciplinary actions, FINRA disclosed that it had disciplined a broker in Wisconsin for ‘selling away’ (i.e. selling without the […]

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401k Participants: Are You a Victim of Fiduciariness?

Have you pondered why your employer chose the particular 401k platform with which you are saving for retirement? Your employer has a fiduciary duty to […]

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Why Do Investors Take Risk?

Investors know common stock investments are volatile, that is they go up and down in value in a broad range. They also know a lot […]

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AAA Rated Junk Bonds

How can investments be rated AAA one day and junk the next? When the investment bankers (Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs) pay substantial fees to buy […]

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Need Cash? What About Your 401(k)? Are 401(k) Loans a Good Idea

When an unexpected bill arrives or you’re short on cash, it’s tempting to look at your 401(k) as a quick and easy source of funds.  […]

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