5 Numbers for Investor Protection

Every investor should be proactive in protecting their financial security. Many would argue that organizations such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the […]

401(k) Investment Fees: One Fund, Six Fees?

401(k) investment fees continue to be a key concern, both in terms of fiduciary liability and impact on plan participants. What some are overlooking is […]

Has Your Broker Ever Suggested Index Funds to You? Updated Sept 2014

If you are in the vast majority the answer is “No.” The simple reason for that lack of action is simple. Index funds do not […]

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Retirement Plan Fees Don’t Smell Sweet

Who knew that Shakespeare had a lesson for retirement plan participants when he wrote: “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by […]

Can Bank Loan ETFs Pose a Systemic Risk to the Market?

A recent statement by BlackRock Inc (BlackRock) Chief Executive Larry Fink concerning leveraged exchange traded funds (“Leveraged ETFs”) has provoked a reaction within the industry.  […]

The Puerto Rico Municipal Bond Crisis

For those unfamiliar with the Puerto Rico Bond Crisis, which has been developing over the past several months, attorneys believe that Switzerland’s UBS AG exposed […]