InvestorWatchdog (IWD) is focused on the ethics of the financial services industry and how its frequent lack of integrity undermines the achievement of investors financial goals. The bottom-line is companies, advisors, and sales representatives make more money doing what’s best for them versus what’s best for you. This core conflict of interest is the source of many of the industry’s biggest ethical lapses. The role of InvestorWatchdog is to shine a spotlight on those practices so you can learn to avoid them.

The Madoff Securities Ponzi Scheme that cost 11,000 investors more than $65 billion dollars was the catalyst for this website. Madoff used several deceptive, unethical business practices to convince investors to turn their assets over to him. And, even though a relatively small number of investors were impacted by Madoff, he is an example of what investors should fear most a personable advisor who has a great sales pitch and the ethics of a conman.

When it comes to investing your assets, your greatest source of risk is what you don’t know. That’s where we add value. InvestorWatchdog provides spirited dialog between investors and advisors on questions that impact their financial security. You have the opportunity to interact with high quality financial advisors who aren’t trying to sell any investment products, services, or advice. These advisors know all of the tricks of the trade because they see the impact of the tricks when investors hire them to fix their consequences.

These same professionals also answer critical questions that plague investors:
-Who can I trust with my assets?
-How do I determine the competence of financial advisors when they don?t provide track records?
-How do I know I am getting the right financial advice?
-How do I know I am receiving a competitive return on my assets?
-How do I determine the quality of investment and insurance products?
-How can I recognize investment schemes and scams?

Why do we shine our spotlight on financial advisors and sales representatives? Investors want competent advice they can trust. This sounds simple enough, but the sales culture of the financial services industry makes the selection of advisors a risky, complex process. InvestorWatchDog is here to give you the the information you need to make an informed decision when managing your financial assets.